Lead Developer - Cape Town


Verb is a Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in building websites, eCommerce platforms and mobile apps and conducting digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social and influencer for the premium and luxury market. 
It has established itself as a top UK digital agency based in London, LA and South Africa. Verb makes sure that their clients’ websites and mobile applications are targeted and optimised for the right customer groups that will result in the highest conversion and ROI. Working with many recognised national and international brands ranging from SME’s to large scale global brands. 
We are looking for a Lead Developer who will be managing the development team and working on the front-end/back end development of our projects. You will be helping us with a wide variety of websites for national and global brands. You will be working with clients such as the Corbin & King portfolio including The Wolseley, Sunseeker, Daylesford, Liz Earle, Mustique, Beulah London, Galvan London and many more. 

Work life balance is a must! We want you rested and firing on all cylinders when you’re here, so we make sure to keep your workload manageable. Whilst occasionally you might need to stay a few extra hours a week to help out with big projects we will make sure you’re fed and looked after and still go home at a reasonable time.


If you want to spend time with a great team, enhance your career and have fun while taking part in some amazing projects, we’re the place to be. You’ll work with the Head of Production to lead and improve the development team and receive commercial experience that will be focused around technology and the growth of the technology side of the business.  

Alongside our web development, we’re keen to build on our technical stack making this our main focus for the business and continue to explore new technologies. 


    ● Excellent Experience in Symphony based frameworks such as Laravel & Yii. and the ability to pick one up that you have not used before
    ● Excellent Experience in ES6 JavaScript, with ability to not rely on libraries such as jQuery.
    ● Understanding of modern JavaScript frameworks such as VueJs and React.
    ● Experience building and consuming RESTful APIs.
    ● Excellent experience with open source technologies such as WordPress & WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal and Headless Jam stack CMS’s
    ● Excellent understanding of the core concepts of object oriented programming (OOP). 
    ● Excellent experience writing clean, semantic HTML5. 
    ● Some experience writing with HTML template engines such as Blade, Mustache and Handlebars would be beneficial.
    ● Excellent experience writing well organised, maintainable CSS.
    ● Excellent Experience with CSS Preprocessors such as SCSS.
    ● Excellent Experience in writing PSR compliant PHP
    ● Understanding of MVC methodology.
    ● Understanding of Server-side Architecture. 
    ● Ability to utilise and reference framework documentation.
    ● Proficient skills within digital design tools such as Photoshop and Sketch
    ● Solid experience working from design mockups.
    ● Mobile and responsive design knowledge.
    ● Understanding of front-end performance optimisation techniques.
    ● Knowledge of version control systems, in particular Git.
    ● Knowledge of Digital Ocean Droplets and Droplet management tools.
    ● Understanding of continuous integration and using tools such as Bitbucket pipelines or Travis.
    ● Knowledge of Linux systems, in particular CentOS.
    ● iOS and Android development experience. 

Leadership Responsibilities, alongside the Directors

● Leading development and training the team day to day to ensure the best overall results

● Ensuring the quality of the work that is handed to QA process

● Making sure a solid security policy and processes are maintained 

● Pair programming

● Development Operations

● Mentorship of more junior developers

● Support escalations both internally and externally

● Technical direction of the company

● Client technical strategy

● Suitable documentation for developer onboarding of all levels 

Hands-On Responsibilities

● Encourage standard development environments and workflows

● Work on the team morale and interest in development 

● Review and optimise all technical processes to ensure documentation is accurate and up to date

● Developing new features and improvements 

● Integrating with third party APIs

● Wordpress back end development and supervision 

● Front end development

● Assisting the producer with technical specifications and project viability / planning 

      ○ To support production team with live projects and to support sales and marketing to understand client requirements

● Debugging and resolving issues 

● Improving test coverage, procedure and documentation  


If you think this sounds like you then we can’t wait to hear from you!